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Scientific Name: Genista tinctoria
Alternative Names: Woad-waxen

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Genista tinctoria


  • Perennial
  • Dyer's Greenweed is a fully hardy, attractive, small, shrubby member of the pea family that can grow up to 60-90cm.
  • It is deciduous with bright green, smooth stems and stalkless bright green narrow pointed leaves.
  • Bright yellow pea-like flowers are borne in erect narrow racemes from spring to early summer and mature into long, shiny pods.
  • Dyer's Greenweed likes heavy soils that are alkaline to slightly acidic and full sun.
  • Established plants do not transplant well.
  • Regular pruning is not required, but shoots can be thinned out/ pruned after flowering to improve shape.
  • Seeds can be sown in autumn or spring but germination can take some time due to hard coat dormancy.
  • Germination can be speeded up with a light scarification.

Culinary Uses

  • The flower buds can be pickled as a substitute for capers.

Parts Used

  • The flowering plant.

Medicinal Uses. It is said that

  • It was formerly used internally for gout, rheumatism and edema.
  • Externally it was used to treat fractures, sciatica, abscesses and tumours.

Other Uses

  • Dyer's Greenweed has, as the name suggest, been used since Saxon times to color wool.
  • All parts of the plant, and especially the flowering tops, yield the water-fast pigment luteolin which was used either on its own to produce yellow or in combination with Woad to produce a strong green color.
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