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Scientific Name: Atriplex nummularia
Alternative Names: Oumansoutbos (Afr)

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Atriplex nummularia
Atriplex nummularia
Atriplex nummularia


  • Perennial
  • Member of the Chenopod family.
  • Multi-branched, evergreen grey shrub with roundish, fleshy leaves covered with minute salty scales or soft silky hairs.
  • Can grow up to 2m and 2-3m across in any soil with pH6 and higher - dislikes acidity.
  • Frost resistant and draught tolerant - has a deep, robust tap root system with 3 branching lateral layers, additional vertical roots and secondary fine hair-like roots just under the soil surface - to harvest moisture from dewy mornings.
  • Conserves water by its grey colour as it does not absorb as much heat as greener plants - the salt crystals reflect sunlight away from the leaves.

Parts Used

  • Aerial parts

Other Uses

  • Animal feed.
  • Contains Chenopodium oil that reduces internal parasites.
  • Recycler of nutrients and improver of soil quality.
  • Erosion prevention - plant in areas that show signs of soil erosion.
  • Can be used to re-vegetate mine areas and previously cleared areas.
  • Salinity soil regeneration and prevention.
  • Carbon Sequestration.
  • Bush Fire Protection.
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